Highlights of Great Britain

Days: 7 Nights / 8 Days

Cost: EUR 1900


Great Britain is the name for the island that comprises England, Scotland, and Wales, although the term is also used loosely to refer to the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom is a political unit that includes these countries and Northern Ireland.

Location- West Europe

Area -229,848 km2

Area rank - 9th

Highest elevation- 1,344 m (4,409 ft)

Country- United Kingdom, England, Scotland, Wales

Capital City: London is the capital of the UK and of England. Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland. Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland. Cardiff is the capital of Wales.

Language- English is a West Germanic language that was first spoken in early medieval England and is now the most widely used language in the world.

Currency: Pound sterling.



Note: All prices / tour cost are per person in US Dollars and based on twin share basis, unless specified otherwise.