Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka



Bathed in year round sunshine & surrounded by splendid sceneries, the pristine coastlines of Sri Lanka offer a mesmeric escape where those on holiday with us you can enjoy lazing on soft sandy beaches or the thrills of water sports.


Home to a century old fishing industry, Negombo is found near the entrance to the Negombo Lagoon and features a soft stretch of shore perfect for some fun in the sun. Thrill seekers can try kite surfing and windsurfing, while diving lets you explore the depths of the ocean amidst a colourful array of marine life. For more laidback adventure you can take a ride on a traditional catamaran as well.


A whale watcher’s paradise, Kalpitiya offers an idyllic coastal getaway for the entire family. From bar reefs to sandy beaches and azure ocean waters to mangrove swamps, this sanctuary by the sea is an ideal place to kickback, soak up the sun and enjoy a laidback island lifestyle. Kalpitiya also has the country’s most popular kite surfing school providing adrenaline pumping action at sea.


The beaches of Kalutara are ideal retreats to experience a bit of local culture as well. The many beachside restaurants that dot the coastline are great spots to savour some succulent seafood fresh from the sea, while you can also visit the famous Kalutara Bodiya which has a unique hollow interior featuring ornate painted murals and the basket centre where one can see local crafts people at work.


Nestled along sun-drenched shores, the peaceful fishing village of Bentota is today a true beach lover’s paradise. This coastal locale is also a hotspot for water sports be it jet-skiing, windsurfing, waterskiing or banana boat rides, all of which let you feel the rush of skimming the waves in total freedom. For more outdoor fun take a Bentota River cruise, ideal for bird watching enthusiasts.


Hikkaduwa has one of the best beaches along the South Coast and is home to the Coral Gardens which is a major highlight. While snorkelling & diving amidst clear blue waters and abundant marine life offer plenty of underwater adventure, Hikkaduwa is also known for its happening nightlife and hosts the island’s largest beach festival, Hikka Fest which attracts local and foreign revellers alike.


Lush green palm trees adorn soft sands bordered by azure waters at Unawatuna, one of the best places for a beach holiday. Found a short distance from Galle, Unawatuna can be your base from which to visit enchanting Jungle Beach for a day of lounging by the ocean or for some snorkelling . A fascinating array of shipwrecks off the coast makes for quite the scuba diving trip as well.


A laidback coastal sanctuary, Koggala provides an ideal beachside hideaway in which to enjoy a bit of fun in the sun, sand and surf. Be it taking long walks that will bring you within easy reach of Ahangama Bay, sunbathing on an unspoilt stretch of golden sand or surfing the waves with the wind in your hair, the pleasures of Koggala provide something for young and old alike.


Bright and sunny weather will greet you the moment you arrive in Tangalle. Sun drenched beaches seem to go on for miles on end offering a sandy playground in which to sunbathe or cool off by taking a leisurely swim in the inviting ocean waters that lap the shore. Home to picturesque bays, these areas are mostly uncrowded and provide secluded bliss as you sit back and watch the world go slowly by.


Uncover the glorious past of Sri Lanka by voyaging to some of the most treasured destinations, passing by beautiful landmarks that will afford you an essence of what life was back in the days of the ancient kings.


The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Anuradhapura for many centuries served as the country’s capital and today showcases a wealth of cultural sites. Famous attractions include the Ruwanweliseya dagoba and the Samadhi Buddha statue that shows Lord Buddha in a state of deep meditation. One’s tour would not be complete without visiting the Sri Maha Bodhi which is the world’s oldest documented tree.

Mihintale - the cradle of Buddhism where the message of Buddhism was received by the then King of Sri Lanka Devanampiyatissa from Arahath Mahinda - the son of Emperor Asoka of India.

Climb up 1840 granite slab steps to reach the centre level to see the ruins and proceed further to the top level and then continue separately to the three directions further up to visit the summit of the Aradhanagala (Invitation Rock), Mahaseya (The Great Stupa) and the Meditating Seated Buddha and many other sites.

Padeniya Temple , well known for its “Welipilla” the board of sand , which was used to teach the art of writing in the olden days, Yapahuwa where the majestic gateway remains as the main attraction in this old kingdom of Sri Lanka and trek to the top of the rock to have a magnificent view of the surrounding lowlands and the Haththikuchchi Monastic Complex ,

spread over a large extent of still undiscovered dry zone land and witness the dam of the massive Rajangane Reservoir with 49 sluice gates


Established during the 11th and 12th centuries AD, Polonnaruwa was the country’s 2nd capital and is seen as a popular stopover for those wanting to enjoy a cultural trip or two. From remnants of ancient temples and dagobas such as the Lankathilake Vihara to the beautifully adorned royal palace of King Parakramabahu, one certainly will be spoilt for choice.

Dambulla Rock Cave Temple. A hub which has been treasured by many kings since the 1st century B.C. Today, an icon in the face of Sri Lanka Dambulla Rock Temple houses some of the most unique drawings in magnificently constructed 5 cave temples flanking the golden temple of Dambulla. Observe how exquisitely cave paintings are done along walls that shelter 150 statues of Lord Buddha. As you enter the retreat look straight up to the gigantic Buddha statue glittering in gold over a land which today houses an important junction in the country's economic and cultural uplifting.


Constructed during the reign of King Kashyapa, the Sigiriya Rock Fortress is recognised as one of the most important cities of the Cultural Triangle that has an array of fascinating and ingenious features. Be awed by its composition of water gardens, ramparts, a mirror wall and of course the frescoes which provide a valuable insight into the artistic heritage of the country.


Situated in the district of Anuradhapura is the charming village of Aukana famous for the towering statue of Lord Buddha. Built during King Dhatusena’s reign, the Aukana Buddha statue 40 ft in height and sculptured meticulously including several intricate details such as the pleats of the robe and the serene expression of Lord Buddha makes this sculpture a marvel to every visitor.

Kandy…………. literally the "City on the Hills" so named as it was protected by the nature - water , rocks and jungles. The last capital of the Sri Lankan kings before falling to the British  in 1815AD which is a World Heritage Site. The name Kandy conjures vision of   splendour of magnificence. Many of the legends, traditions and folklore are still   lovingly kept alive. The centre of attraction is the golden roofed Temple of the Tooth Relic of Lord  Buddha .The Kandy Lake built by the last King Sri Wickramarajasinghe in 1806 holds a prominent view of the City. It is a City for arts and crafts as well culture and history


Explore the wilds of Sri Lanka with us, keeping a close watch out for that illusive species as the hushed murmurs of nature surround you. Home to numerous habitats, adventurers are sure to enjoy these spacious sanctuaries.

Observe the intricacies of tea making or better yet, why not savor a cup of Ceylon Tea in itself? Should you want a good dose of adventure, then visit Kithulgala where the pastime of white water rafting can be enjoyed with “W Travels”?


Looming large over the Dumbara Valley, the Knuckles Mountain Range would offer thrill seekers plenty of space to go trekking and sightseeing within its surroundings. Capture sights of indigenous plants and wildlife as you head off into the distance only to arrive at a local tea factory. Here one may learn as to how Sri Lanka’s favourite beverage is manufactured.


Strap yourself up and be prepared to be taken across the rapids of Kithulgala which caters to the diverse interests of the white water rafting aficionado. Begin your journey upstream and move along taking in the sceneries of a jungle habitat while indulging in one action packed experience designed for the adventurer at heart.

Horton Plains

The sight of mist shrouded grasslands would greet you upon arriving at Horton Plains National Park in the chilly central highlands of Sri Lanka. Home to tourist hotspots such as Baker’s Falls and the World’s End, Horton Plains covers an area of 3,160 hectares where 128 species of fauna and almost 750 species of plant life reside amidst grasslands & montane forests, making this spot unique.


Translating to the ‘Kingdom of the Lion,’ the virgin rainforest of Sinharaja will lead you on a journey which is filled with plenty to see. Encounter flocks of colourful birds and majestic mammals as you wander down lush jungle paths. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Sinharaja spans an area of around 21 kms from east to west and is a rich storehouse of endemic plants, birds, butterflies & amphibians.

Bundala National Park

Catch a glimpse of the Great Flamingos which feature among the migrant birds that arrive here. Meander across the 6216 hectares that cover the park while taking in the sights of this impressive nature reserve which is located in Sri Lanka’s Southern Province. Keep in mind to visit the many lagoons that are spread out here as they are bound to contain an abundance of fish and other reptilians.

Gal Oya National Park

Found 314 km away from Colombo, the Gal Oya National Park will offer tourists the luxury of exploring its diverse features. Comprising of shrubs, grasslands and forests, the reserve is also home to three mountains and functions as the chief catchment area of the country’s largest reservoir. Among the 32 species of mammals that you will encounter are the Water Buffalo and the Sri Lankan Elephant.

Horton Plains

Named as a national park in 1988, Horton Plains is arguably one of the best examples of Sri Lanka’s wildlife. Situated a mere 32 km from Nuwara Eliya, the sanctuary comes across as a ‘breath of fresh air’ as nature lovers would be compelled to comb every section of the park. Attractions such as World’s End and Baker’s Falls are some of the most visited.

Kaudulla National Park

Bird lovers will surely love the Kaudulla National Park as the reserve is where 160 species of our feathery friends reside. Covered in dry evergreen forests, Kaudulla sees herds of elephants arrive in search of food and water particularly during the month of September. A jungle corridor is also found linking this site to the Minneriya National Park thereby promoting diversity amongst its species.

Kumana National Park

Formerly referred to as the Yala East National Park, Kumana will escort you through a myriad of wading birds and migratory waterfowls. Therefore visitors coming over will have access to large contingencies of some of the most sought after of birds in the island. The Golden Jackal and the Fishing Cat are amongst its most popular species worth exploring.


When in Lahugala, one would do well to stop by the Lahugala Kitulana National Park which is situated in Sri Lanka’s Eastern Province. Designated as a national park in 1980 and falling under the purview of the Department of Wildlife Conservation, Lahugala consists of flat land and the odd rocky outcrop. The Sri Lankan Axis Deer and Toque Macaque can be spotted while you take a tour of the park.

Lunugamvehera National Park

Characterised by the Lunugamvehera Reservoir, this national park consists of dense jungle and slightly elevated sections to the south. Established in 1995, the premises serves as a place of refuge for 43 species of mammals, 33 species of reptiles and a further 184 species of birds. Lunugamvehera is found in the Dry Zone and is often subject to the south west monsoon.

Maduru Oya

From sloth bears, elephants to water buffaloes and leopards, you will certainly be spoilt for choice when on an excursion to the Maduru Oya National Park. With options available for camping out in the jungle, travellers will have plenty to experience. Introduced under the Mahaveli Development Project, Maduru Oya is considered one of the recent additions to the country’s list of wildlife parks.


Elephants are a common sight when arriving in Minneriya which has also found fame for hosting the largest gathering of Asian elephants during the dry weather periods. Featuring a good consistency of wetlands, montane forests and scrublands, Minneriya is arguably one of the most visited national parks in Sri Lanka having been declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1938.

Pigeon Island

Found a short distance from Nilaveli Beach, Pigeon Island is a national park and consists of two areas. An enchanting coral reef surrounds the larger of the two while species of shark and turtle can be seen swimming in nearby waters. Scuba diving & snorkelling are popular pastimes carried out here, while visitors should watch for sightings of the famed Rock Pigeon after which the island was named.

Udawalawe National Park

Bordering Uva and Sabargamuwa Provinces, the Udawalawe National Park which covers over 30,000 hectares provides the ardent nature traveller with a wonderful outdoor experience. Whether you are interested in elephants or fascinated by slithering snakes, the area will prove to be well worth the time and effort spent. The sight of marshes would greet you when taking a tour of this imposing reserve.

Wasgamuwa National Park

A favourite for all those making their way towards the north central part of Sri Lanka; the Wasgamuwa National Park established in 1984 is rich in biodiversity. Found 225 km from Colombo, Wasgamuwa boasts of a prised collection of mammals, reptiles and birds thereby making it a must visit for those arriving in Sri Lanka on holiday.

Wilpattu National Park

The Wilpattu National Park is home to the illusive leopard and travellers on the lookout for the species will also come across a number of ‘willus’ or lakes that are found here. The premises receive an annual rainfall of 1000 millimetres and the best time to call by Wilpattu is during February and October.


Regarded as the most popular national park in Sri Lanka, Yala is surrounded by traces of ancient civilisation while the park itself comprises of pilgrim sites and a number of intriguing wildlife. Leopards, Elephants and the Golden Palm Civet are some of its occupants. Comprising of five extensive blocks, the Yala National Park should definitely feature on any traveller’s itinerary.


The wide range of flora and fauna of Sri Lanka helps maintain the precious balance of the island’s diverse ecosystems. From indigenous trees to endemic wildlife, the island is a rich storehouse of natural biodiversity.

Sri Lanka is rich in indigenous flora & fauna that form an integral part of the island’s unique biodiversity. The fact that the country has varying geographical landscapes that range from scrub jungles to mountain rainforests means that plant and animal life greatly varies as well, offering something new to discover for those embarking on nature excursions.

There is a vast array of endemic plant and tree life in Sri Lanka that can be found in the country’s forests and grassland areas, be it vibrant orchids to magnificent ironwood trees standing watch over the lush landscapes. Bamboo, satinwood, jak and coconut trees are also easily found, while the island’s forests  feature rare indigenous plants that are used for the traditional medicines of Ayurveda. The Sinharaja Forest Reserve, Kanneliya Rainforest and Horton Plains National Park are some of the sites where you can see this diversity.

The exotic wildlife of Sri Lanka is another fascinating aspect of the country’s biodiversity. National parks such as Yala, Wilpattu and Minneriya are ideal sanctuaries  to spot the wild life  in their natural habitat. On your safari adventures keep a lookout for the Sri Lankan leopard, elephant, sambar deer, toque macaque monkey and sloth bear all of which are endemic. These reserves are also inhabited by a considerable range of reptiles, butterflies & amphibians that help keep this delicate ecosystem in the balance.

A special mention should be made on the large number of bird species, both endemic and migratory, that can be found here. The Kumana, Bundala and Wirawila bird sanctuaries and wetlands such as the Muthurajawela marshes are amongst the bird watching hotspots. The Sri Lankan junglefowl, red-faced malkoha and white-faced starling are a few of the endemic birds one has a chance of spotting, while depending on when you visit, you may also see migratory birds that include the spot-billed pelican, Indian cormorant and eastern great egret.


Explore Sri Lanka like never before with tailor made tour packages that let you discover the country’s diverse endemic bird population. These tours take you to the island’s biodiversity hotspots, giving you a chance to photograph these colourful endemic species in their natural habitat.

Though being a small island Sri Lanka has accommodated 494 species of birds to date, under several categories viz., endemics, resident breeders, migrants, vagrant etc. of the 482 species of birds, 289 are resident breeders. Compared to larger island nations Sri Lanka’s endemism in avian fauna is high with 30 confirmed endemics and 3 proposed endemics.

The highest concentration of endemic birds in the country is found in the wet zone and the central hill country with certain species found only in the montane regions. As such the species commonly encountered at higher elevation is the elusive Sri Lanka whistling thrush, yellow-eared bulbul, the Sri Lankan white eye and the wood pigeon. If one is lucky they might catch a glimpse of the cryptic Sri Lanka Bush Warbler.

Incidentally, there are several native species which are sought after by the ardent birder viz, Sri Lanka Frog mouth, Yellow-naped woodpecker, pygmy woodpecker and Indian courser.

Listed are the species and the best location to see same.

  • Sri Lankan spur fowl – Kanneliya

  • Sri Lanka Jungle fowl – very common in all zones of the country.

  • Serendib scopes owl – Sinharaja

  • Chestnut-backed owlet – Kitulgala, Sinharaja

  • Spot winged thrush – Sinharaja, Kanneliya, Kitulgala

  • Scaly thrush – Sinharaja

  • Red-faced malkoha – Sinharaja

  • Orange-billed babbler – Sinharaja, Peak wilderness, Kanneliya,

  • Sri Lanka blue magpie – Sinharaja, Peak wilderness, Kanneliya

  • Ashy-headed laughing thrush – Sinharaja

  • White faced starling – Sinharaja (Canopy)

  • Yellow-fronted barbet – common in the hills and wet zones.

  • Dusky blue fly-catcher – mountainous regions of the country, best bet Horton plains

  • Ceylon wood shrike – quite common in the dry zone of the country

  • Crested Drongo – Sinharaja, Kanneliya and Kitulgala

  • Yellow-eared bulbul – Horton plains, peak wilderness

  • Red-rumped swallow – somewhat common

  • Sri Lanka grey hornbill – common in all zones

  • Sri Lanka white eye – Horton plains, peak wilderness

  • Scimitar babbler – Horton plains, Sinharaja

  • Sri Lanka bush warbler – Horton plains, peak wilderness

  • Sri Lanka whistling thrush – Horton plains, fishing hut and Hakgala

  • Sri Lanka wood pigeon – Sinharaja, Horton plains

  • Layard’s parakeet – quite common in the wet and hill country

  • Sri Lanka lorikeet – somewhat common

  • Green-billed Coucal – Sinharaja, Kitulgala and Dombagaskanda

  • Black-capped bulbul – common in all zones

  • Sri Lanka Myna – Sinharaja, Knuckles

  • Brown-capped babbler – Belihul Oya and Wilpattu

  • Pompadour green pigeon – dry zone

  • Sri Lanka small barbet – common

  • Legge’s flower pecker – Sinharaja, Kanneliya, Peak Wilderness

  • Greater flameback – Quite common

With the above locations, one can be sure to photograph most of the endemics. The tour will allow you to photograph other sought after species of fauna and flora of this resplendent isle. in the most biologically rich hot spots in the country.

This 14 day exploration of Sri Lanka’s focal biologically hot spots, we can guarantee the sighting of almost 90 % of the endemic species to Sri Lanka.

We are ready to make tailor made tour packages for the explorer depending on the species you want to see. Further how many days one wants to spend photographing them. May it be bird, mammal or amphibian we can offer you the best. We are amongst the best in such tours, with well trained guides who are conversant in their respective subjects and some who have published in international peer reviewed journals to their advantage. Additionally, many of them have many years field experience in working on various conservation projects on the fauna and flora of Sri Lanka.

Things to do in Sri Lanka

Kite Surfing – Kalpitiya

Kalpitiya situated in the North West Coast experiences strong breezes of around 18-20 knots and this enchanting coastal locale is the perfect place to enjoy an array of things to do in Sri Lanka including kite surfing. Skim along the waves as you harness the power of the wind that will take you on a ride you will not soon forget!

Paramotoring – Koggala

Soar to the heights above as you take to the sunny skies in Sri Lanka and enjoy the latest adventure sport to hit the country, paramotoring. Taking place in Koggala, paramotoring gives you the chance to witness breathtaking vistas of the coast and surrounding landscapes from heights ranging from 500 to 1000 feet, as a skilled pilot guides you along this journey in the wide blue expanse above.

Hot Air Ballooning – Kandalama, Down South

Adventure takes flight with some of the best sightseeing Sri Lanka has to offer, featuring unparalleled panoramic views of this island paradise. Taking place in areas such as Kandalama in the Cultural Triangle and Down South coastal region; in Kandalama one has the chance to enjoy unique vistas of the iconic Sigiriya rock fortress, while Down South excursions let you take in stunning views of the sun drenched coast.

Boat Safari

Offering a fascinating voyage along some truly scenic waterways, boat safaris in Sri Lanka also provide a fun day out amidst stunning natural backdrops. On your excursions you may come across everything from ancient mangrove forests to small remote islands and colourful birdlife to local fishermen going about their day to day activities.

Dolphin & Whale Watching

From the majestic beauty of Blue Whales and Sperm Whales to the playful antics of Spinner, Humpback and Bottlenose dolphins, dolphin & whale watching in Sri Lanka takes you on an unforgettable voyage. The country has become one of the premier destinations in the world for this activity providing you a unique chance to spot these fascinating marine mammals swimming freely in their natural habitat.

Bird Watching

Blessed with a rich natural heritage, the island is home to a wide range of endemic and migratory species that have made Sri Lanka a popular destination amongst bird watching enthusiasts. The island’s nature reserves attract many of these birds that can be seen amidst the foliage or flying in the skies above, be it the Purple Heron, Ceylon Junglefowl or the Shaheen Falcon.


Enjoy some fun retail therapy in an island paradise! Sri Lanka provides a unique shopping experience that gives you a chance to purchase a wide range of international brands be it Nike, Adidas, Mango, Charles & Keith or Levi’s as well as local fashion at shopping centres such as Odel, House of Fashion & Glitz. Gems, spices, handicrafts, batiks and Ceylon tea provide shopping with a local flavour.


The sun drenched coasts of Sri Lanka offer the ideal backdrop in which to head off to sea and enjoy some fun surfing action. Areas such as Hikkaduwa, Midigama and Arugam Bay are some of the best places to go in Sri Lanka if you’re looking for surf-worthy waves. Head down during the surfing season for an exciting adventure in the Indian Ocean that’s challenging enough for novices and pros alike.

White Water Rafting

Promising a thrilling ride on the rapids, white water rafting is an adrenaline pumping activity that offers plenty of fun thrills and spills for young and old alike. Kitulgala is the premier spot for such activities and the major and minor rapids in this area provide an action packed ride on the water amidst breathtaking natural scenery.

Nature Trekking

Discover a land like no other, while embarking on a nature trek in Sri Lanka, from ancient forests seemingly lost in time to nature reserves that are home to endemic flora & fauna. The mist shrouded Knuckles Mountain Range, the lush tea estates of Nuwara Eliya and the diverse Horton Plains National Park are just some of the sites one can plan trekking excursions to.


Experience the breathtaking beauty and secluded serenity of Sri Lanka’s natural splendour when on camping trips in the island. A perfect way to get close with nature, such things to do in Sri Lanka also give you the chance to enjoy trekking and hiking adventures that provide plenty of opportunities to witness the rich biodiversity of local flora & fauna.


Go off the beaten track using good old fashioned pedal power and discover the cultural, historical and natural richness of Sri Lanka. Cycling amidst lively town streets, traditional villages, cultural sites and lush green escapes is an ideal way to experience the island’s diversity which provides fun activities that the whole family can enjoy as well.

Train Rides

One of the must-try activities in Sri Lanka is hopping on a cross-country train. With the island’s well connected railway lines, train rides provide the ideal mode of transport for those looking to truly soak up the enchanting atmosphere of Sri Lanka. From train rides along the sun kissed shores of the island’s South Coast to the hill country amidst mountains blanketed in emerald tea bushes, these journeys are just as captivating as the destinations they take you to.


Descend to a breathtaking underwater world and uncover the mysteries of the deep with diving excursions in Sri Lanka. Home to colourful corals and a vivid array of marine life, the clear waters that surround the island are perfect for divers looking for adventure beneath the waves. One can also explore the many shipwrecks that lie off the coasts, some of which date back to colonial times.


Explore the wonders of a vibrant underwater world on a thrilling snorkelling excursion that provides a glimpse into life under the waves. Snorkelling in Sri Lanka can be enjoyed by the entire family and is a popular activity that can be engaged in around the island, letting you see colourful coral and a vivid array of marine life that call these waters home.

Walking City Tour

The best way to explore a destination sometimes is by foot and a walking city tour accompanied by a guide is an ideal way to see local attractions and places of interest. Such tours give you a chance to not only get a real feel of city life, but also go off the beaten track and enjoy experiences and encounters that one may otherwise miss when sightseeing.


Embark on a captivating safari in Sri Lanka where one will come face to face with the island’s exotic wildlife. From leopard safaris in the Yala National Park to capturing sights of elephant herds in the Minneriya National Park, these safaris provide a thrilling journey that also gives you a chance to spot everything from bears to deer and crocodiles to a wide variety of birdlife.

Turtle Watching

The shores of Sri Lanka provide an ideal place in which to engage in some turtle watching, giving you the chance to see these endangered creatures be it during nesting or when baby hatchlings make their way to sea. The Kosgoda Turtle Hatchery and the Rekawa Turtle Sanctuary are amongst the best places to visit in Sri Lanka if you want to spend the day turtle watching and get to know more about their conservation too.

Canoeing / Kayaking

Offering a laidback sightseeing adventure, canoeing or kayaking takes you on a fun journey along the island’s waterways. From lagoons to swamps, these areas are perfect for such activities and let you explore the rich natural landscapes that can be found bordering them, which are home to a fascinating range of flora and fauna.

Ayurveda Treatments

Based on ancient healing rituals and traditions, our Sri Lankan Ayurveda treatments provide holistic healing that help bring about peace for mind, body and soul. Utilising all natural herbs and ointments, such treatments which include head and body massages and herbal baths, help you unwind and restore that inner peace.

Elephant Back Safari Sri Lanka

Get up close with Sri Lanka’s iconic elephant as you set off on an exciting safari into the wild. Elephant back safari gives you a chance to really get a feel for nature, while discovering the island’s flora and fauna.


Note: All prices / tour cost are per person in US Dollars and based on twin share basis, unless specified otherwise.