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Orissa is one of the States in India, which can boast of a vast tribal population belonging to diverse races and culture. It has the second largest concentration of Tribals and constitutes an impressive 23 percent of the total population of the state. In the last few decades the veil has been ripped of the Tribal heart and of Orissa. Ethnic curio seekers, Anthropologists, Sociologists and Missionaries-they have all from time to time tried to penetrate the mystery surrounding the tribes of Orissa. Of these Tribes, the most numerous are the Kondh, the Paraja, the Gadabas, Koya and the famous Bonda tribes. Each of these tribes is marked for its own culture. The scenery is magnificent, the villages and hamlets are fascinating. The tribes are quite friendly. It is very interesting to watch different colorful weekly markets.
  • Days: 11 nights / 12 days
  • Cost: Please enquire
Day 01: Delhi - Bhubaneshwar
Day 02: Bhubaneshwar – Baliguda (270kms / 6-7hrs approx)
Day 03:  Baliguda - Belghar - Kothagargh – Rayagada (200kms/ 4-5hrs approx)
Day 04: Rayagada - Bisamkatak – Rayagada (55kms/ 2hrs approx)
Day 05:  Rayagada - Chatikiona – Jeypore (205kms/ 5-6hrs approx)
Day 06,: Jeypore - Onukunduli - Jeypore (80kms/ 2hrs approx one ways)
Day 07: Jeypore - Kunduli - Lampatput – Jeypore (65kms/ 2hrs approx one way)
Day 08: Jeypore – Gopalpur (280kms/ 7-8hrs approx)
Day 09: Gopalpur - Puri (110kms/ 3hrs approx)
Day 10: Puri – Konark – Puri
Day 11: Puri
Day 12: Puri – Bhubaneswar – Delhi
Day 01: Delhi - Bhubaneshwar
Arrive Bhubaneswar airport by flight. Meet & greet with our office representative, assistance and transfer to hotel. Rest time for personal activities. Overnight at hotel.
Day 02: Bhubaneshwar – Baliguda (270kms / 6-7hrs approx)
Breakfast at hotel, AM - half day city and temple tour of Bhubaneswar; the capital of Orissa, known as the temple town due to its many temples in extravagant, Orissan architectural into old and new parts. Lingaraja Temple, the great temple of the city, Bindusagar, the ‘Ocean Drop’ tank is said to contain water from every holy stream. Sidharanya, the grove of perfect Beings, is a cluster of about 20 smaller temples, including some of the most important in Bhubaneshwar. 11 meters high, Mukteshwar Temple is finely detailed with some excellent carvings, but unfortunately much of it is defaced.
PM - Drive to Baliguda; through the beautiful countryside road full with small mountains of Sal forest, one of the entry point to the tribal highland of Orrisa. En-route visit weavers village at Itamati and some of the typical Orissan villages. Arrive at the hotel in the evening. Overnight at Baliguda.
Day 03: Baliguda - Belghar - Kothagargh – Rayagada (200kms/ 4-5hrs approx)
Breakfast at hotel, proceed to Rayagada enroute Belghar to visit trek into the villages of Kutia Kondh Tribes inside the  forest and mountains. The Kondhs were once famous in the history for their Human Sacrifice. The Kondhs are very simple, frank and they are very hospitable. Their height is average standard. They are healthy, strong. They are very jolly and do not think of future like. Also visit weekly Market at Kothagarh. Lunch on the way.  Continue drive down to Rayagada. On arrival check in at hotel. Overnight at Hotel in Rayagada.
Day 04:  Rayagada - Bisamkatak – Rayagada (55kms/ 2hrs approx)
Breakfast at hotel, drive to Bisamkatak which is about 55km and the basic point to reach this wonderful place is to visit weekly market (must be Tuesday) of Desia Kondh at Dukum. Later visit the traditional craftsman village and make a post launch soft walk on Niyamgiri hills to explore the original Dongaria Kondh hamlets where women dress in white cotton togas and adorn themselves with a flashy array of hairpins and ornaments, ear and nose rings and geometric tattoos. Dongarias were once infamous for human sacrifice. Market commence only on Tuesday, remaining of the day will be spent in and around Rayagada. Evening return to Rayagada, overnight at hotel.
Day 05: Rayagada - Chatikiona – Jeypore (205kms/ 5-6hrs approx)
Breakfast at hotel, drive to Chatikona, 50km to visit the weekly market (must be Wednesday) of Dongoria Kondha & Desi Kondha at Chatikona, Dongaria come down with their forest produce to sell/ barter with non tribes is an interesting event to watch. The Kondhs are of a Dravidian origin and speak Kuvi language. They practice elaborate birth, marriage and death rituals. Visit the Kondh tribe and their villages- they love music and dance and spend their time merrily. They compose their own songs on love, marriage ceremony, harvesting and nature. The Kondh women wear two pieces of cloths, one around the waist to the knees and the other for upper portion of the body. The Kondh society is replete with festivities.
Later you will have transfer to Jeypore; the commercial nerve centre of Koraput district and has all such facilities to serve as the convenient base for visiting the places of interest in and around. Nature has showered its bounty on the undivided Koraput district with untrammeled joy. This district abounds in meadows, forests, waterfalls, terraced valleys and darting springs. This land of abundance is home to Orissa's vast tribal population. A real paradise for the nature-lover, Koraput offers an additional benefit to the visitor of first hand meeting with its ancient civilization.
On arrival check in at hotel. Overnight at hotel in Jaypore.
Day 06: Jeypore - Onukunduli - Jeypore (80kms/ 2hrs approx one ways)
After early breakfast drive to Onukunduli the most interesting market (must be Thursday) of Bondas/gaddabas/Didayees later visit Ollar Gadaba Tribal Villages. Onukundelhi is the home of approximately 7000 members of the fierce Bondas (naked people) of Tibetan-Burmese origin. Bondas in the remote hills and keep themselves isolated. They grow rice by shifting cultivation and keep domesticated cows and goats. That can only be seen when they come to trade at the local market. The Bonda women are noticeable by their bead necklaces, striking brass and silver necklets and their shaved heads decorated with plaits of Palmyra leaves.
Drive to Kangarapada soft walk to primitive boda Gaddaba tribal villages, interact with this tribe with the assistance of our experienced guide who knows the tribal dialect, later see the dance known as Dhemsa in their village. (Optional) Evening back to hotel. Overnight in Jeypore.
Day 07: Friday: Jeypore - Kunduli - Lampatput – Jeypore (65kms/ 2hrs approx one way)
Breakfast at hotel drive to witness the biggest tribal weekly market (must be Friday) of Sanaparoja & Mali tribes in Kunduli away via Sunabeda. It is a very colorful market. Later drive down to Nandapur to visit village of Sanaparoja tribes.
Later proceed to Lampatput, Lampatput and the near by villages are famous for another interesting and primitive tribes of Orissa is the Gadaba. They are one of the early settlers of this country and trace their origin to the time of Ramayana. Your can also watch the famous and beautiful dance of this tribe the Demsa. Visit village khilua. Saana Padar, Bada Padar with small trekking and later drive down to Jeypore.
Day 08: Jeypore – Gopalpur (280kms/ 7-8hrs approx)
Breakfast at hotel drive to Gopalpur, check in at resort. You can forget yourself at Gopalpur and have a lovely, lazy  holiday. This languorous beach with coconut groves, casuarina coppices and gentle sand dunes is deserted for miles. Picture blue waters and high waves, sleepy lagoons and tiny creeks, a place where you can loll on the sand, stroll down the beach and gorge on seafood. Or tackle the high waves on a yacht moored at the crumbling ancient jetty… and then climb up the ancient lighthouse for a spectacular view of the bay. Overnight at hotel.
Day 09:  Puri (110kms/ 3hrs approx)
Breakfast at hotel morning free, afternoon drive to Puri, check in at hotel. Rest day free to relax on the beach. Overnight at hotel.
Day 10: Puri – Konark – Puri
Breakfast at hotel, excursion to visit Konark the Chariot of the Sun God temple, built by King Langula Narasimha Deva in the 13th century AD during the golden era of Orissan art. This temple, among the crowning works of Orissan architecture and sculpture, is sheer poetry in stone. Everyday the Sun God rises from the horizon, across the shimmering blue waters of the Bay of Bengal, and casts the warmth and luminosity of his revitalising rays on the sanctum sanctorum, circling the temple during the course of the day, illuminating the three brilliant images of the sun - in the morning, at mid-day and in the evening, as day makes way for the night. As you approach the water, you will see rising from the golden sandy beach, one of the country's most vivid archaeological treasures - the Surya Mandir (Sun Temple). For a millennium, this temple served as a beacon to the ancient and medieval mariners. Despite the fact that the Black Pagoda, as it was referred to by European soldiers who wanted to distinguish Konark from the whitewashed Jagannath Temple in Puri, lies in ruins, the structure is magnificent. 
Puri is one of the four principal holy abodes in India, as well as a popular beach resort. It offers the rare experience of watching both the sunset and sunrise from the same beach. Pre-Dravidian and pre-Aryan history relates that a tooth of Buddha was temporarily enshrined in Puri before being moved to Sri Lanka. Supporting the theory that Buddhism prevailed in this area, the Jagannath Temple, dedicated to the Lord of the Universe, and the main attraction in Puri, was believed to have originally been a stupa (pagoda). The extraordinary form, Jagannath takes in this temple, is said to be the unfinished work of the craftsman god, Vishvakarma. Angry at Vishnu, he left his interpretation of the 'Lord of the Universe' incomplete. Overnight at hotel.
Day 11: Puri
Breakfast at hotel, day free for personal activities relax on the beach etc. Overnight at hotel.
Day 12: Puri – Bhubaneswar – Delhi
Breakfast at hotel, transfer to Bhubaneswar airport (54kms/ 1½hrs) to board flight for Delhi. From delhi board connecting flight for your home country.